Blog #8


So this is probably the eighth blog I’ve started. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but could never narrow down my interests enough to stick with a theme, which meant I never got comfy with any of my blogs and often started over and moved on to a new one. However, I have eager feelings towards this final blog that I am starting today, and it is the result of a recent realization— my passion for learning.

I discovered this passion after the combination of a few recent events: an interview I had for an internship, a sermon I listened to, and a couple of hours indulging in my addiction to google-searching the irrelevant. I realized my passion is not a billion different things, but is simply to learn. Therefore, born is the focus of JennaLearns*. There is so much out there to discover and I strive to document all I do.

About a week ago, I was looking at my Timehop checking out what 6-years-ago-Jenna had to say on my social media and I came across a Facebook post I had written. It read, “Soo….there’s a lot I don’t know…” I had a couple of thoughts after reading this. 1) Why would I post this on Facebook? 2) I’m still the exact same. There is so much going on in the world, so many people and places and things and activities and foods and ideas… I get so overwhelmed by all the knowledge I do not have. I just want to meet everyone and learn it all. I may not be able to see everything this world has to offer, but the purpose of this blog is to document the lessons I do learn and to hopefully share them in a transparent and original way.

*Note (January 17, 2019): This blog is no longer “JennaLearns”

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